Wetland grasses
Generally propagated and grown in 3 or 10 cubic inch cells.

Scientific name
                           Common name

Carex aquatilus Water Sedge
Found in shallow waters and wet meadows. Good for waterfowl.
Carex lanuginosa Wooly Sedge
Short sedge found on streambanks and wet meadows.
Carex nebraskensis Nebraska Sedge
Common sedge, strongly rhizomatous.  Drier parts of wetlands.
Carex utriculata Beaked Sedge
A common tall sedge found in marshes and on streambanks. Good stabilizer.
Eleocharus palustris Creeping Spikerush
Slender stems with few leaves. Good for waterfowl, rhizomatous, alkali tolerant.
Juncus balticus Baltic Rush
A common rhizomatous rush that tolerates a wide range of soils. Wiry stems.

Juncus effusus Soft Rush
A short rhizomatous rush found in marshes and wet meadows.
Juncus ensifolius Dagger-leaf Rush
Flat sword-shaped basal leaves. Found around ponds and in wet meadows.
Scirpus acutus Hardstem Bulrush
Very tall rush (to 6') that can tolerate deep water and late summer drawdown.
Scirpus microcarpus Small fruited Bulrush
Found along streams and in marshes, can tolerate shallow standing water.
Scirpus pungens Three Square Bulrush
Tall rush found on the edges of ponds and streams. Triangular stems.
Scirpus validus Soft Stem Bulrush
Grows in a wide range of moist and wet soils. Good wavebreak and wildlife cover.