1 gallon Larix occidentalis,
Pinus ponderosa
16 cu. in. Pinus ponderosa
Generally propagated and grown in 10 cubic inch cells.

Scientific name                               Common name

Abies grandis Grand Fir
Attractive flat-needled conifer, popular for Christmas trees.
Larix occidentalis Western Larch
Deciduous conifer to 100'. Fire resistant, yellow fall color.
Picea englemannii Englemann Spruce
Densely branched tree, often found in riparian areas.
Pinus albicaulis Whitebark Pine
High elevation 5 needled pine.

Pinus contorta Lodgepole Pine
Widespread and hardy, can tolerate wet or dry sites, good reclamation tree.
Pinus ponderosa Ponderosa Pine
Drought tolerant and taprooted tree. Found in the wooded part of canyons.
Psuedotsuga menzesii Douglas Fir
A densely branched tree found in dry sites. Often grows with P. ponderosa.
Thuja plicata Western Red Cedar
Found along stream courses and on moderate north slopes.