1 gallon Betula occidentalis

10 cu. in. Cornus sericea

10 cu. in. root plugs
Trees and shrubs
Generally propagated and grown in 10 cubic inch cells.

Scientific name                                      Common name
Acer glabrum Rocky Mtn. maple
Large shrub that is widespread throughout the Northwest. Tolerates a wide range of soils.
Alnus incana Mountain alder
Large shrub that can take on a tree-like form. Likes moist sites. Nitrogen fixer.
Alnus sinuata Sitka alder
Large shrub that grows on streamsides and moist slopes, excellent for erosion control.
Amelanchier alnifolia Serviceberry
Widespread hardy shrub with early white flowers. Can tolerate a wide range of conditions.
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Kinnikinnik
Trailing groundcover with shiny evergreen leaves. Red berries. Likes well drained soils.
Artemesia tridentata tridentata Basin big sage
Tallest form of tridentata, found in lower elevations.
Artemesia tridentata vaseyana Mountain big sage
A cold hardy, smaller form found in mountain ecotypes.
Artemesia tri. wyomingensis Wyoming  big sage
Found in lower elevations, tolerates very dry conditions
Atriplex canescens Fourwing saltbush
Tolerant of alkaline soils, deep root system. Good wildlife forage value.
Atriplex confertifolia Shadscale saltbush
Small round leaves, found in alkaline soils. Good wildlife forage value.
Berberis repens Creeping Oregon grape
Low evergreen shrub with holly-like leaves. Fragrant yellow flowers turn to purple berries.

Betula glandulosa Bog birch
A shrubby plant found in wet or marshy areas, mid to high elevations. Red fall foliage.
Betula occidentalis Water birch
Tree or cluster reaching 30'. Reddish brown bark and shiny leaves.
Ceanothus velutinus Snowbrush ceanothus
Evergreen shrub with white flowers. Pioneer species after fire. Nitrogen fixer.
Celtis reticulata Netleaf hackberry
Small tree found on dry slopes in lower elevations. Pioneer species after fire.
Ceratoides lanata Winterfat
Low elevation small shrub often found in alkaline soils. Good wildlife forage.
Cercocarpus ledifolius Mountain mahogany
Small tree or large shrub found on dry slopes in lower elevations. Good wildlife forage.
Chrysothamnus nauseosus Gray rabbitbrush
A deep rooting shrub that will establish on harsh sites. Yellow flowers in late summer.
Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus Green rabbitbrush
A low growing shrub with narrow twisting leaves. Often found with C. nauseosus.
Clematis columbiana Blue clematis
Semi-woody vine found under forest canopies, med. dry to moist soils. Blue flowers.
Clematis ligusticifolia White clematis
Woody vine found in dry sites, usually growing on a companion plant. Good cover.
Cornus canadensis Bunchberry dogwood
Groundcover or low shrub that grows in moist shady areas. Bright red berries.
Cornus sericea Red-osier dogwood
Grows along streams and in moist places, forms dense clumps. Bright red twigs.
Crataegus douglasii Black hawthorn
Large shrub that grows along streams and in meadows. Provides riparian area protection.
Holodiscus discolor Oceanspray
Adaptable shrub that often pioneers in burned or disturbed areas. White flower clusters.
Lonicera involucrata Black twinberry
Medium shrub found in moist areas. Berries good forage for songbirds.
Lonicera utahensis Utah honeysuckle
A widespread shrub generally found in understory habitats. Yellow flowers, red berries.
Philadelphus lewisii Mockorange
Idaho State Flower. Found on dry rocky outcrops as well as moist streambanks.
Physocarpus malvaceous Mallow ninebark
A widely adaptable medium size shrub. White flower clusters. Good for wildlife cover.
Populus tremuloides Quaking aspen
Hardy deciduous tree found in a wide range of soils and growing conditions.
Populus trichocarpa Black cottonwood
A fast growing tree found along streams, rivers and in riparian areas. Good bird cover.
Potentilla fruiticosa Shrubby cinquefoil
A versatile shrub that bears yellow flowers throughout the summer.
Prunus emarginata Bittercherry
Large shrub found on hot dry slopes as well as moist areas. Good food source for birds.
Purshia tridentata Bitterbrush
Important shrub for wildlife in dry areas. Good food and cover. Fragrant yellow flowers.
Rhus trilobata Oakleaf Sumac
A drought tolerant medium shrub. Good soil stabilizer. Red fall color.

Ribes aureum Golden currant
Found in very dry sites as well as moist streambanks. Very hardy. Berries good for birds.
Ribes cereum Squaw currant
Widespread shrub, medium to high elevations. Open or wooded sites. Orange berries.
Ribes hudsonianum Northern black currant
Medium shrub that grows along streambanks and moist wooded areas. Black berries.
Ribes lacustre Prickly currant
Good plant for semi-moist areas and streambanks. Shiny leaves. Berries good for birds.
Ribes setosum Missouri gooseberry
Found along valley watercourses and hillsides. Establishes well on disturbed sites.
Rosa nutkana Nootka rose
A hardy wild rose of wooded areas. Red-orange rose hips provide winter food for birds.
Rosa woodsii Woods rose
Tolerates dry conditions and a wide range of soils. Excellent plant for distubed areas.
Rubus idaeus Wild raspberry
This drought tolerant shrub establishes well in rocky or sandy soils in full or part sun.
Rubus parviflora Thimbleberry
A common understory or streamside plant. Large leaves provide good cover.
Salix bebbiana Bebb's willow
Found in the drier parts of riparian zones. A tree-like willow with reddish stem color.
Salix boothii Booth's willow
Common mid-elevation shrub found from wet gravel bars to benches above streams.
Salix drummondia Drummond's willow
Most common in higher elevation stream bottoms. Prefers sandy, well aerated soils.
Salix exigua Sandbar willow
Widespread willow that grows on sand and gravel bars as well as moist bottomland.
Salix geyeriana Geyer willow
Found in moist bottomland and streamsides. Good big game cover and browse.
Salix lasiandra Whiplash willow
Grows in sandy or gravelly soils along streams and in moist areas.
Salix lemmonii Lemmon's willow
Occurs from mid elevations to the sub-alpine zone, moist bottomlands and streamsides.
Salix scouleriana Scouler willow
Grows on dry hillsides as well as in riparian areas. Good cover for big game.
Sambucus cerulea Blue elderberry
A fast growing large shrub found in drier riparian areas. Good cover and food for wildlife.
Sambucus racemosa Black elderberry
Found in moist areas from mid to high elevation. Good wildlife plant.
Shepherdia argentea Silver buffalo-berry
Cold hardy, drought tolerant shrub. Red berries are good wildlife forage.
Shepherdia canadensis Russett buffalo-berry
Very hardy shrub with nitrogen fixing capabilities. Curiously textured opposite leaves
Sorbus scopulina Mountain ash
This attractive shrub is found in wooded areas. Orange berries are good for birds.
Spirea betulifolia White spirea
A low rhizomatus shrub useful for erosion control. Can tolerate dry conditions.
Spirea densiflora Sub-Alpine spirea
A low spreadind shrub that is found on rocky mountain slopes and in meadows.

Spirea douglasii Pink spirea
An excellent plant for streambank stabilization. Forms dense clumps, pink flowers
Symphoricarpos albus Common snowberry
A widely adaptable rhizomatous shrub. Dense thickets provide good bird cover.
Symphoricarpos oreophilus Mountain snowberry
A medium shrub found from foothills to high elevations. Large white berries into winter.
Vaccinium globulare Globe huckleberry
A low shrub that grows best in partial shade,  known for it's delicious berries.