Perennial Wildflowers
Generally propagated and grown in 7 cubic inch cells.

Scientific name                         Common name

Anaphalis margaritcea  Pearly everlasting
Gray-green foliage, pearly white flower clusters, likes well drained soil, low water req.
Antennaria microphylla  Rosy pussytoes
Pink to white flower clusters over mat forming gray-green foliage, likes well drained soil, low water req.
Aquilejia coerulea Blue columbine
Blue and white flowers, found in partly shaded areas, likes med. soil, med. water req.
Aquilejia flavescens Yellow columbine
Yellow-pink flowers, higher elevation meadows and slopes, likes med. soil, med. water req.
Aster spp.  Wild aster
Fine petaled, purple daisy-like flowers with yellow centers, 8-16".
Balsamorhiza sagittata Arrowleaf balsamroot
Taprooted species found on dry hillsides, large yellow daisy-like flowers.
Castilleja spp. Indian paintbrush
Red feathery flowers, 6-16" tall.
Eriogonum heracleoides  Wyeth buckwheat
Cream white flower clusters, mat forming foliage, dry site plant.
Eriogonum umbellatum  Sulfur buckwheat
Yellow flower clusters over low foliage, dry site plant.
Eriophyllum lanatum Wooley sunflower
Small yellow flowers, hairy foliage, plants up to 1'.
Geranium viscosissimum Sticky purple geranium
Pink-purple open petaled flowers, 12-30".
Geum triflorum Long plumed avens
Pink hanging flowers over finely serrated leaves.
Ipomopsis aggregata  Scarlet gilia
Numerous red trumpet-shaped flowers on 1-2' stalk. Biennial.
Iliamna rivularis Streambank wild hollyhock
Tall pink flower stalks, on 2 - 4' plants.
Linum lewisii Wild blue flax
Bright blue flowers on slender 12 - 16" stalks.

Mimulus lewisii Purple monkey flower
Wet site plant with brilliant clusters of pink-purple flowers.
Penstemon cyaneus Dark blue penstemon
Tall, robust stalks of showy trumpet shaped blue flowers, purple near the throat.
Penstemon deustus  Hot rock penstemon
Dry site penstemon with numerous stalks of bright white flowers per clump.
Penstemon eatonii Firecracker penstemon
Scarlet flowers on a 2' stalk, prefers dry soil.
Penstemon fruiticosus Shrubby penstemon
Low growing penstemon with evergreen foliage and lavender flowers.  Does well in dry, rocky soil.
Penstemon palmeri  Palmer's penstemon
Dry site penstemon with bluish green leaves and 1-2' stalks of light pink flowers.
Penstemon payettensis Payette penstemon
Sturdy stalks of bright blue trumpet-shaped flowers.  Med.- dry soil.
Penstemon speciosus Showy penstemon
Suited to dry, well drained soil, purple to violet flowers.
Penstemon strictus Rocky Mtn. penstemon
Semi-evergreen foliage, blue-violet flowers.
Penstemon venustus Lovely penstemon
Tall plants found on dry sites.  Gray-green leaves, bright lavender flowers.
Sidalcea oregana Oregon checker-mallow
1 - 2' flower stalks coming from basal rosette of leaves.  Pink-purple flowers, dry sites.
Sphaeralcea grossulariifolia Gooseberry lvd. globe-mallow
Plant forms 1 - 2' clumps with orange-salmon colored flowers.
Sphaeralcea munroana Munro's globe-mallow
Drought tolerant plant, tolerates clay soil, orange-salmon flowers, more common at lower elvations than S. grossulariifolia. 
Xerophyllum tenax Beargrass
High elevation tap rooted plant.  Clumps of silvery green leaves, topped by showy, creamy flower clusters.